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How to Rise Above Adversity and LIVE YOUR WORTH by Breaking the Cycle of Victimization

Hi, I'm Maria!

For years I found myself stuck in what I call the Cycle of Victimization, with no way out. 

I repeated the abusive relationship I had with my narcissistic mother in several relationships with men, one which nearly killed me. 

I wrote this book to chronicle my journey back to the woman I was meant to be - strong, smart, and full of life, a woman who knows how to live her worth

I'm now teaching my Self-Worth Reset Protocol to women who, like me, always wanted to believe they mattered. 

There is a way. Let me show you.  

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The Self-Worth Reset quiz will give you immediate feedback with regard to where you stand in the Cycle of Victimization. It will empower you to break it. It will inform you so that you can decide what to do next.


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When Your Mother is a Narcissist

“It’s cancer.”

Words no one wants to hear. They conjure up the worst kind of fear.

It was 2013, and the diagnosis sent me reeling.

I vividly recall being in the hospital for reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy and relishing (yes, relishing) the attention I received from the nurses in charge of my recovery. It occurred to me that this was the first time in my entire life that people were focused entirely on taking care of me.

They didn’t see me as a nuisance.

I wasn’t a problem.

I wasn’t getting in the way.

On the contrary, in their eyes, I had significance.

Realizing that I was worthy of such attention and care was almost impossible to believe. It went against everything I had experienced in life. You see, ever since I was a little girl, I had this feeling that my mother either didn’t know how to take care of me or she just didn’t want to. I felt responsible for her ever-changing emotional state. If she was mad, I believed it was my fault. If she was irritated, I believed it was my fault. I never knew why she was upset, mad, or irritated. It felt like walking on eggshells most of the time. I was always struggling to find the right way to respond to my mother in order to win her love and approval.



"[Maria and I] spoke for about an hour and during that time I felt so at ease. I was able to be vulnerable with her and through that I learned a lot about myself. I started to embrace my life and loving myself... Thank you, Maria, for helping me realize that I am worthy."

Antonia Christiani
Health Coach

"Maria and I met at a coaching session where she showed me how people can get through hard things even when facing challenges that are sometimes unthinkable. She has a vast knowledge base about just how to move forward and get unstuck from ways of thinking and being that are unhelpful to us. Life is hard sometimes but it's important not to live in the past and be stuck in ideas about who we are as a result of trauma and past pain. Maria establishes a connection with others by relating her own experiences with difficulties and trauma and is relatable and heartfelt."

Golda David, B.A., B.Ed, M.Ed
Creator and Author of Demystifying Education

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